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The Prodigal Daughter

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I had prepared a totally different blog post for today, then I sat down to write and something else came to mind. How much is too much, how long is too long, how far is too far, how many, is too many? I can tell you, if you are a parent of a prodigal child there is no such thing as too much, there isn't too long, too far, or too many, not if you love like Jesus does. Not if you love unconditionally. Too much is a condition, the same for too far, too long, and too many. God never said I have forgiven you too many times, he never said you are too far gone to come back, he never said you have done too much, he never said you been gone too long. So why would I? I am his child, he never gives up on me, and I guarantee, he does it with more grace, mercy, and kindness than I do. I'm sure he's not mad and yelling because I was far gone, many times, and had done much. Does he shake his head? I imagine so. I imagine he quite often shakes his head, and says "and she gets upset because her children don't listen to her." Do you have a prodigal son or daughter? I do, and I am one. Often times I feel like that father of the prodigal son, and often times I am the prodigal daughter. So many times I have been down, lost, ungrateful, far, gone, but never too down, too lost, too far, or too gone, too many times. He believes in me, loves me without conditions, and has faith in his prodigal daughter, the way I do mine. Sure he shakes his head and may say "Here we go again, but one day she's going to get this right for good, until then, bring her the best robe, put the best sandals on her feet, and prepare a celebration, she's home...again.”

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