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A Slap In The Face... To The Legends

What is there to talk about, to blog about? Well, unless you live on a deserted island, you know what everyone is talking about. I wasn't watching that night, I stopped watching the Oscars years ago. In all fairness, Will didn't start the fire, it was bound to burn out of control sooner or later. The tasteless comments and jabs at the audience has became worse over the years. The vulgarity out of the mouths of the host, like what? You expect those things at a comedy show, but why the Oscars? Why does an awards ceremony that holds itself so high, feel the need for this? Are their producers and writers not capable of coming up with clean scripts? Scripts that are funny enough without talking trash at someone else's expense. How about adding some integrity back to the Oscars? Besides the stuff I just mentioned, you also have the ladies walking around in bootie shorts, in blouses with basically no front, and their breasts one sneeze away from full exposure. Where did the elegance of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn go? I wish the newbies would take some cues from their founding mothers. I'm afraid we have seen the last of ladies so modestly stunning.

I grew up anticipating the night of the Oscars, almost as much as I did finding out who shot J.R. I couldn't wait to see the elegant dresses the actresses were wearing, but most importantly, to see if my favorite movie would beat out my brothers favorite. Now I could care less if I watch them or not. It's about everything but the movie anymore.

Wouldn't it be great if this incident was an eye opener for the academy to put some class back in their program?

Hollywood legends, they started a tradition, one that Hollywood is lucky enough to carry on today. I think it's time to clean up the streets they paved for you.

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