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When Things Go South

Raised by southern Pentecostal grandparents, the journey of her Momma, whose Farah Fawcett-type beauty landed her seven husbands, and her seventies playboy Daddy, who has been married five times, proves to cause confusion for the heart of a small-town southern girl Riley Blair, who’s determined not to follow in the same path of bad relationships as her parents. Riley Blair supposes it may be her destiny or that bad relationships are just as hereditary as her brown eyes and big boobs, when at sixteen, she finds herself pregnant by a drug-addicted bad boy. Riley Blair, having strong faith in her grandfather's fire and brimstone preaching, along with a flair for the broken, is entangled with taking to heart her Momma's humorous prolific southern philosophies. This sets Riley on a path tainted with chaos, heartbreak, death, and addiction. But Riley Blair keeps the faith that God has someone for her, like a prize at the county fair. She never loses hope for happiness or the fairytale life she dreamed of as a child. Although Riley Blair’s story sheds light on a humorous, messy, southern upbringing, it will also pull at your heartstrings and have you rooting for authentic, unapologetic protagonist Riley Blair. A protagonist who gives into the simple pleasures of a feeling, paying no regard to the trauma that may come. Riley Blair recognizes early on that life truly is like a roller coaster ride. It may have its ups and downs, twists and turns, but how boring would it be and who would want to get on if it just went straight? So, at times, you may have to hold on tight and scream, but other times you can throw your hands in the air, let go, and enjoy the ride. The crazy beautiful ride.

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