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Shelly Hogan


Shelly Hogan grew up in the small southern town of Scottsville, Kentucky. She credits her grandmother Elizabeth Hogan for her love of creating. Shelly credits her maternal grandmother Marie Kinslow for her Pentecostal upbringing that planted deep roots of faith, a faith that she would come to rely upon through many trials and tribulations, becoming a catalyst for storytelling in what some may call outrageous. But to Shelly, it is a common way of southern living. When Shelly isn't at her nine to five job, she is busy baking cakes for her children and grandchildren's birthdays. Being the matriarch of her many offspring, she credits her needy family for making her a fast writer, when she manages to steal some time for a hot cup of coffee and her laptop. Shelly has a love for all things vintage, old turntables, seventies and eighties music, photo albums, places that hold sentimental value. This love shows in her writing style that brings a sense of nostalgia. WHEN THINGS GO SOUTH is Shelly's debut novel.


I appreciate the cultural references; it sets the scene and adds an element of nostalgia readers will enjoy.

         ~ Beta Reader

The colloquial speech sets the tone of the small southern town. The dynamic characters and outrageous moments stay with you long after reading.

~Beta Reader

Very thankful to have read this beautiful story, a page turner that I found myself many times holding my breath. I loved the pace of the narrative and found myself laughing out loud many times. The author does an amazing job bringing these fierce fun and witty characters to life.

~Beta Reader

Wow what a fantastic book, very engaging and entertaining. The protagonist has a fabulous voice. Witty and funny. 

~ Beta Reader

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